Bring your Club or Group to Camping de Gouarec

Because of it's size and location the campsite is perfect for club and group camping of all kinds. In particular the 'vintage' nature of the campsite makes it tailor-made for classic car/caravan/bike clubs and as enthusiasts ourselve nothing pleases us more than seeing our own classic cars being joined by others.

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Costs and how can we help organise your club meeting?

- Making it easy for the organiser...

We've organised club runs ourselves and know that usually someone has to take on the thankless task of organising the entire week, booking everything, collecting money and generally getting stressed whilst trying to 'herd cats'... It is our aim to take as much of the burden as possible from the organiser. Obviously 'Clubs' can range from half a dozen people to several hundred so obviously what we can offer very much depends on what you want. For larger groups, outside of the busiest weeks (15th July-25th August), we can close of an entire field for your use if you wish. For cyclists I have a well equipped workshop and most basic spares and for car clubs I can liase with our local garage to give breakdown cover and/or repairs.

The first thing is money. For the basic camping the cost for anyone coming on a group trip is 7 Euro a head (3 Euro for under 18's). That's it – no extra for pitches, number/type of vehicle etc. Just as importantly we do not require this, or any deposit in advance so that the organiser does not have to spend their time chasing money. Anyone who wants to rent accommodation on-site will deal directly with us so again the organiser has this burden lifted from them. In effect the organiser is left to publicise and collect details of those coming, pass on to us what they'd like to see and do and little else.

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Food. Again it's our aim to make this as simple as we can for the organiser. If your group is relatively small then we can book restaurants for you – Gouarec has three and so evening meals are easy to sort out. Also for cycle and car clubs we can organise restaurants for a midday stop – all this we can organise/price in advance for the club, but payment will be direct to the restaurants and again no deposit is required so easy for the organiser. The campsite sports large BBQ's which are available for groups along with fire pits and as long as the local butcher is pre-warned we can make sure he has all you need (or we can organise and cook the BBQ for you).

IMPORTANT! - Ultimately Camping de Gouarec is a friendly, peaceful campsite. Groups are expected to follow the campsite rules and that means no music and no 'noise' after 10.00pm. With all such groups there must be someone allocated as 'responsible' and groups must provide a deposit of 500€ (a cheque will do) - in the event of disturbance or damage caused by the group this deposit will be forfeit and in the case of disturbance to other campers will be used to compensate them. However there are areas away from the main body of campers and groups may talk together (not shout or sing!) in these areas til later in the evening provided no-one complains. We simply expect people to be considerate of others - especially those in lightweight tents who have no sound insulation...

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