Classic Caravan Hire

And now for something completely different...

Take one classic '60's caravan - strip everything out and put in a super-simple, airy interior so that you have a dry, comfortable bed and a place to sit at the end of a hard day exploring. These are lovely, attractive places to stay and stupidly cheap - for only 40€ for two people, and 50€ for 4 per night it makes you wonder why you pitch your tent... Look great with a classic car/motorbike or one of our classic bikes parked outside... They don't have cookers or toilets in them so they always smell clean and fresh and of course you do cooking in the communal kitchen - all part of the real camping experience...

Twiggy 1

They look ordinary from the outside but then you open the door...

Twiggy caravan holiday

 Inside each caravan a surprise...

caravane vacances

pretty caravan


Or a totally original caravan from the 1970's to really take you back in time!

blanche caravan exterior


blanche interior


digue 370 exterior


digue370 living room

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